Each in Their Own Voice: African-American Artists in Cleveland, 1970-2005

Anthony Mahone interview excerpt, 13 January 2009

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Anthony Mahone

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Possession, 1997
Possession, 1997

Program Length: 04:51

Photographer Anthony Mahone discusses his life and art. Born and raised Cleveland, Ohio, Mahone spent much of his early adulthood elsewhere; first, while attending a military academy in North Dakota, and later traveling to Europe and Africa. The bulk of Mahone's education was in the state of Ohio (at Cleveland State and Ohio State Universities), where he also pursued his interest in Engineering, Physics, and History.

Mahone discusses the influence of Cleveland photographer Masumi Hayashi, as well as other faculty members at Cleveland State University. In particular, he tells a story about an assignment where Masumi had him shoot trees.

This interview was conducted over the telephone.

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