Streaming Media in Cleveland Memory

Keyboard Shortcuts

Visitors to Cleveland Memory who use the keyboard to navigate the Web can use the following keyboard shortcuts to control our video or audio programs. Simply tab to the video/audio player and press Enter to start the program. Or you can use the "Jump to streaming program" link at the top of the program's page, press the Tab key and then Enter. Keyboard shortcuts are active when you tab (or click) into the player and inactive when you tab (or click) out.

Please note that due to a security feature, some alphanumeric keys may not be available when in fullscreen mode. These shortcuts will only work when outside of fullscreen. Keyboard shortcuts are also not supported in Internet Explorer 8.

A tabular list of keyboard shortcuts and the actions associated with those keys
Keyboard Shortcut Action
Space Pause/Play video or audio playback.
Enter Pause/Play video or audio playback.
M Mute/Unmute video volume.
Up and Down arrows Increase and decrease volume by 10%.
Right and Left arrows Seek forward or backward by 5 seconds.
0-9 Fast seek to x% of the video or audio.
F Enter or exit fullscreen. (Note: To exit fullscreen in flash press the Esc key.
C Turn on or turn off closed captions.

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