Cleveland Public Schools Horticulture Program

WBOE Radio Lesson: Planting Warm and Cool Season Crops

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Program Length: 30:12 min.

Description:  A combination of two separate radio lessons created for students in the Cleveland Public Schools Horticulture Program on planting warm season crops (later in the spring) and planting cool season crops (earlier in the spring.)

Instructors Mr. Leslie Beamish and Mr. Keith Justice speak to students in grades 3-6 during the "middle of the busy spring gardening season" about the (second) planting of warm season crops, such as petunias, tomatoes, peppers and beans after May 20.

Instructors Mr. Leslie Beamish and Miss Mary Elise Florence discuss the initial cool season garden preparation and planting in a radio lesson early in the gardening season. Students are given very precise instructions on how to space crops in their garden plot and why — because different plants grow at different rates, sizes, and times, and because warm season crops will be planted in the same space after some of these cool season plants are harvested. Instructions are given using the metric system. Students are advised, "Remember, a good beginning helps to make a successful garden."

This recording is from the "Green Thumb Club" series of radio horticulture lessons, broadcasted by W.B.O.E., 90.3FM for students in the Cleveland Public Schools Horticulture Program in the 1960's through the 1970's. The recordings were donated to Cleveland State University Library by Dr. Peter J. Wotowiec.

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