The d.a. levy collection

Admissible Evidence (Random Sightings)

Excerpts from a poetry reading by d.a. levy and Kent Taylor
January or February, 1967 at Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland Ohio

d.a. levy
d.a. levy reading at the Gate (earlier event in 1966).

Tracks 1-7 of a recording commissioned by Douglas Blazek for broadcast in Chicago. A copy of B.L. Kennedy's reel-to-reel tape was used to create a limited edtion CD by Ingrid Swanberg at Ghost Pony Press in 2000. These were released along with a limited print run of the poetry by Alan Horvath's Kirpan Press in 2003.

A print copy of this publication, together with the full 17-track CD including more readings by d.a. levy and by Kent Taylor, may be used at the Michael Schwartz Library's Special Collections.

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